About Me

I know what it’s like to feel like you herd cats for a living.

 For years I was a teacher, before which I organised theatre and arts events.  And if there’s one thing the education and arts sectors have in common, it’s task-juggling. Managing so many different projects while aiming to bust open ambitious new goals for my employers and students turned me into a circus grade task-juggler who thrives on challenge.


This love for challenge-chasing has seen me:

  • Move overseas and learn a new language
  • Be surrounded by hysterical actors worried about emoting correctly (and get out alive!)
  • Travel solo through South America
  • Calm students of all ages and sizes including hungry 4-year-olds and surly, lovelorn teenagers
  • Stop drunk Scottish hooligans from jumping the bar in order to serve their own pints
  • Become a vegetarian in one of the world’s most carnivorous countries


Nowadays, I put my challenge-chasing, task-juggling skills to use for my clients. As your writer, I plug into your industry, speak your language and understand your needs – quickly.

In a modern workplace, time isn’t limitless, everyone’s busy and sometimes life gets a bit wackyLet me take that little bit extra off your plate so that you and your project (however much crazy it’s throwing at you) can get along just fine.


To get a feel for work I’ve done for other clients, here are some samples.